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CECO-GAS offer complete range of services for Industrial Gas Industries. From Sales, Engineering, Design, and Installation to Maintenances, Repair, and Inspection work. Services currently offered by CECO-GAS include:

Sales & Distribution of

Industrial Gas Equipment

Authorized distributor of Premier product lines such as: RegO LPG & NH3 (USA), Rego CRYOFLOW (USA), F.B.R. Burners (Italy ), K.G.E Vaporizers (Korea), Rochester sensors (USA), GECA Gas Sensors (Italy), AL-gas SDI (USA) MANROS (Italy), BRAHMA (Italy ), Hwa Young Automatic Liquid changeover (Korea) and etc.

Engineering & Design / Installation & Piping Work

LP-Gas & Ammonia Storage System

LP-Gas Liquid Withdraw System

LP-Gas/Air Mixer System

Natural Gas Back-up System

Natural Gas Supply System

LP-Gas Filling Station, LP-Gas Filling Plant

LP-Gas & Natural Gas Piping work

Oil & Gas Burners & Equipment for Boiler, Incinerator and Heating Oven

Gas Burners Conversion for Boilers/Oven

Service & Maintenance Work

Site Inspection

Safety / Leakage Inspection for Gas Storage System

Safety / Leakage Inspection for LP-Gas Distribution System / Pipe Line

Maintenance Work for Gas Equipment, Vaporizers, Gas alarm, Burners, and etc.

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